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    Best hand crafted rings
    Wedding, engagement, diamond or coral
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    Diamonds are forever
    Flory jewlery offers and makes
    diamond jewlery by your wishes

The most beautiful jewlery in the world

Flory jewlery has a long family tradition in crafting gold
and silver jewlery. Alongside modern jewlery we are also offering
traditional jewlery. We are able to suit the finest tastes
with our offers. We are especially proud with our wedding rings,
because we understand that it is not an easy taks to pick a ring for eternity.


Rings are made by hand or by machine, depending on your choice

Engagemet rings with diamonds

Engagement ring as a symbol of eternal love has to contain extraordinary qualities. Those qualities are best visible on a hand crafted ring with a diamond stone. We offer many traditional models, as well as modern rings. Each ring is decorated with a diamond stone that is different in size and cut.
As every love story has it's specific details, we are able to fullfill your every wish and make the ring that suits your taste.

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Wedding rings

No matter the design or the size of it, the wedding rings have always contained magical beatuy, not only because of it's designer beauty, but because of the symbolics represented by it. That symbolics are eternal and uninterrupted connection between individuals that have commited love and lifelong trust between each other. This jewlery will, with a dash of luck, decorate your hand througout your entire life, and with it's presence, it will remind you every day on your first and the most beautiful moment of marital communion. Therefore, you must choose wisely.


Pick a present for yourself or another person you fancy


Earrings are a beautiful decoration for every occasion

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Gorgeous decoration on every hand are bracelets.

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We offer the most beautiful silver, gold and coral necklaces.

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Perfect addition to every necklace is a charm.

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We believe that most of women think of coral jewlery when corals are mentioned. The beauty of coral jewlery is eternal, and doesn't go out of fashion. Coral jewlery isn't cheap, but given the fact that Corallium rubrum is almost extinct on some sites, it should not be cheap. The price of coral depends on the thickness of the branch, class and the color.
When making coral jewlery almost every part is used. Precious red coral had been used as a coral since the antics, and the adriatic coral has been holding its price for centuries.
Oldest data mentioning corals dates way back to Babilonian times, and the coral culture had been accepted by the ancient Egiptians. When corals are pulled out of the sea they are first cleaned from the outer soft part. The branch is then cut according to thickness. Thicker corals are used to manufacture bigger and more expensive jewlery, thus its price is greater. The last phase is polishing, which by itself may consist of more than five separate phases, depenting on the rate of shineness. Although corals can be machine processed, the unique examples are manufactured by hand, which takes significant amount of time, skills and patience.
Corals are supplemented by silver and gold when making necklaces, bracelets and earrings.
Coral hand manufacturing is a traditional family business. On the island of Zlarin there are families that manufacture coral jewlery in the same way for over 40 years. It takes over a few days to manufacture a single necklaces. On the island of Korčula there are families whose coral jewlery manufacturing spans over three generations.
Coral reefs are formulated by different types of corals, of which some are used to make coral jewlery. The most famous coral for jewlery manufacturing is Corallium rubum, sometimes called "the ox's blood". It lives in the Mediterranian, and known findings are in the vicinity of Genova, Napoli bay, and in th esea caves around the tourist city of Algheroa in Sardinia (known as coral riviera). The same type is found near the coast of Portugal (in vicinity to Gibraltar) and western coast of Africa (Capo islands in the Atlantic).br/>

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